Stud Shu (Set of 4) SAVE 10%

Stud Shu (Set of 4) SAVE 10%

StudShu is a protective cover for a studded horseshoe, allowing the hoof to stand level and balanced on hard surfaces – Horsebox – substantially reducing abnormal stress on the pedal bone, coffin joint and navicular area.

For the first time you can now fit studs before travelling, safely cover them with StudShu and travel to the Show. On arrival, simply remove the covers and you’re ready to go. Also between rounds/competitions, you can refit StudShu and return the horse to the box.

StudShu was invented and developed by a horse owner from Co Down, Northern Ireland, who has over thirty years experience as a breeder and producer of young horses for Show Jumping and Eventing. Attending shows on grass arenas, he identified a problem with the fitting of studs to horseshoes. He wasn’t trying to change this well tried and tested method of providing grip, but to make the process easier and safer for both horse and rider.

- Fit the studs before travelling, when the horse is in its own stable and is calm and relaxed.
- Cover with StudShu
- Easily fitted and removed
- Hoof is level and balanced. No stress to joints and tendons
- StudShu offers protection from pointed studs

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