Proteq Equine Bedding (1 Bag)

Proteq Equine Bedding (1 Bag)

A great alternative to traditional equine stable bedding solutions. 
Easy to clean, cost and labour effective, specifically designed for horses. Just add water to transform pellets to bedding.

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    A new option of bedding for your stables. Just add water! Pellets absorb water and expand, turning into a sawdust/sand like consistency. Add water to bags or empty bags onto stable floor and water (just like watering the garden) and watch it grow!

    ::Healthy and Clean::
    Heat treatment of 100% natural pine removes tars, oils, hydrocarbons and other potential allergens that may cause horses to have a reaction to traditional sawdust options.

    ::Cost effective::
    Reduce bedding usage by up to 50%
    Easy to clean stables reducing mucking out time
    In a 4x4m stable I find I only need to add 1 bag per week to top up.

    ::Highly absorbent::
    Extremely low moisture content of 6-8% compared sawdust and straw products allowing quick absorbency of wet spots.

    Proteq comes in easy to carry, easy to store 15kg plastic bags.

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