Itch Magick Shampoo

Itch Magick Shampoo

This is a gentle & cleansing Shampoo suitable for Dogs & Horses. It contains our signature blend of Pure Essential Oils and will leave your four legged friend smelling beautiful.

When treating with Itch Magick Oil, Lotion or Cream it is NOT necessary to wash your horse or dog. We feel it is better to let their skin repair itself without washing away the natural oils.

But sometimes you just have to give them a bath whether it is for a show, a sale or just cause they rolled in something horrible. So if you have to wash them then we recommend our Itch Magick Shampoo.

You may need to then reapply your Oil, Lotion or Cream to continue the ongoing Itch Magick treatment.

Itch Magick Shampoo is NOT a treatment on its own.

Ever dreamed, Ever failed, No matter.......

                       Try again, Fail again, Fail better

                                                                       - Samuel Beckett