Itch Magick Lotion: (small or sensitive dogs)

Itch Magick Lotion: (small or sensitive dogs)

Our new Itch Magick Lotion is a special blend of Essential Oils, Iodine and Permethrin in a light Lotion Base. It has been formulated with small, sensitive dogs in mind. It contains similar ingredients our other Itch Magick products but is milder in strength & does NOT contain Tea Tree Oil. Always PATCH TEST first.

It can be massaged in to affected areas and quickly absorbed so you don't have a greasy dog. We always suggest you distract your dog for 10 minutes or so after application to avoid your dog licking it straight off before it has a chance to do any good.

Simply apply to affected area as needed. Can be used in conjunction with Itch Magick Shampoo

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