Itch Magick Cream

Itch Magick Cream

Itch Magick Cream is our signature blend of Essential Oils, Iodine and Permethrin in a rich, creamy base.

This product may be used on hotspots or other persistently problem areas. It has a thicker nourishing base that is readily absorbed into the skin for an intense fast acting treatment. Always PATCH TEST first.

Itch Magick Cream has also had some great results on dogs with similar skin conditions. It may be used on specific spots like the top of the tail and it won't leave your dogs coat oily or waxy.

Itch Magick Cream can be applied twice in the first 48 hours then a 2-3 TIMES A WEEK is generally all that is needed. Read and download application instructions here. On dogs it may be best applied daily in the initial week.

Ever dreamed, Ever failed, No matter.......

                       Try again, Fail again, Fail better

                                                                       - Samuel Beckett