Itch Magick is an exciting new option for Queensland/Summer Itch on horses and dogs!


Essential Oil blend- soothes the skin and help regenerate new hair growth
Iodine- Anti bacterial properties
Permethrin- Highly effective insect: repellent




Apply 2-3 times per week or as needed


Oil- Best used on the body, mane and tail as it is easily spread

Lotion- Best used on mane, tail, face and ears

Cream- Intensive thicker cream, best used on face and ears and persistant areas






"Were now a bit further in itch season and this product really works! My ponies both are still looking good! Thank you!!"

D. Francke, The Netherlands


"This product works wonders!! My mare is itch prone and normally ends up with a nice vet bill. Since using the oil her skin has settled down and she does not spend the whole day itching!!!! Highly recommend it :)"

D. Fredericks, Nowra NSW

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