Does your horse suffer from bed sores or pressure sores caused from lying on hard surfaces such has hard ground in the paddock or the stable.


If a horse has a hock injury or bed sore, repeated lying down can aggravate it and prevent healing. Some sores just become larger and/or deeper.


The healing process cannot take place unless a protective layer is placed between the ground and the skin.


The Hock Shield is a custom fit hock protector designed to STAY IN PLACE to prevent and heal hock sores.


The Hock Shield comes in two adjustable sizes for a perfect fit:

13” up to 15.9″= Regular Horse
16” up to 20″= XL/Draft


The Hock Shield Ultra available in four sizes:

13″ – 13.9″ = S
14″ – 14.9″ = M
15″ – 15.9″ = L
16″ – 16.9″ = XL


Fetlock Shield: 
= One size fits ALL


This light weight, non-restrictive boot is made of ultra-thin neoprene to provide that constant barrier your horse needs.


We here at Blackwood Equine Supplies have researched the marketplace for similar products and feel that this patented design offers the very best in quality material and design available in the marketplace today!







Please note: Most horses will only require the standard HockShield. HockShield Ultra is needed in cases where pressure sores also occur on the front of the legs.




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